About the autor
I was born in Seville (Spain), in 1956. At present, I teach Science at Secondary School. I have always been fascinated by animals, especially those of the
"Invisible World".
From the very beginning of my professional life, I have devoted much time to the study and teaching of Natural Science, together with the use of new technologies, my second passion.
As my interest towards IT and my fondness for the small creatures in nature grew together, I have

developed my skills in Macro photography. In fact, what you can see here is just a small example of some specimens. Needless to say, when my students have the chance to see a picture whether on paper or on the screen of the beauty of insects and small creatures, and they start to research on their habits, a miracle of transformation happens, a change in attitude towards nature takes place: they start jotting down all their observations on their notebooks, instead of "stepping on that bug"

Paco Alarcón